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Water treatment systems without maintenance & care will not last to expectancy. PSL Water Guy describes Water Treatment Care Recommendations for PSL Residents.

PORT ST LUCIE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Water is essential for life but can also bring with it contaminants that can negatively impact health if left untreated. PSL Water Guy has served the Port St Lucie community for many years by providing effective and reliable water treatment solutions and recognizes the importance of maintaining high water quality. This company sees firsthand that maintenance is the key to ensuring that all types of water treatment systems continue functioning properly. With this in mind, PSL Water Guy shares helpful guidelines for customers to follow to keep water treatment equipment running smoothly.

When discussing reverse osmosis under the sink water purification systems, the first step is to change filters regularly based on the manufacturer’s replacement schedule. As contaminants accumulate in the filter media over time, its ability to remove impurities decreases. Changing it too late means such contaminants will pass untreated through pipes and faucets. Additionally, not having clean filters in the unit can reduce water flow through the system.

Another key maintenance task is inspecting whole-home water softener tanks. These systems use salt to remove hardness minerals from water. However, salt must be replenished periodically to sustain this process. Most softeners require salt refills every 4-6 weeks on average. Homeowners should make a habit of checking salt levels monthly to avoid running low. Low salt affects regeneration cycles, reducing efficiency and shortening the softener’s lifespan.

If working with a well-water whole house system, it is also important to check the sediment filter. This should be done monthly to ensure water can flow freely throughout the home. If the filter seems to acquire a lot of sediment each month, this may be an indication that it may be time for a new well. Running a system without proper and regular filter changes can create serious problems for any well water softening system and can void warranties.

Proper disinfection is the final key to a well-maintained system. All equipment exposed to untreated water risks bacterial growth. As such, PSL Water Guy suggests a hydrogen peroxide injection system along with the outdoor unit. This kills any bacteria in the water and stops it from accumulating in the plumbing.

By following the basic maintenance steps above, homeowners and businesses can feel confident that water treatment equipment is functioning as designed to protect health. However, if any issues are noticed, contact the experts. PSL Water Guy provides priority service to customers to diagnose and resolve problems quickly. With a little care and attention, investments in water quality can last for many years to come.

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