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PSL well owners should understand how to maintain a well water treatment system. Eastern Water & Health provides insights on maintaining a home treatment system

UNITED STATES, FLORIDA, PORT ST LUCIE, February 16, 2024 / — Residents new to South Florida may be surprised when it comes to the quality of well water coming into Port Saint Lucie homes and businesses, especially if well ownership is a new experience. While wells in the northern part of the United States tend to provide clear, pure water, wells in Florida can be a very different story. Many South Florida wells are quite shallow in comparison to their northern counterparts. What this means is that the water does not have a chance to naturally filter our contaminants before being pumped out for use within a home. Additionally, South Florida wells tend to be iron or sulfur-rich, this can cause an unpleasant odor, staining in sinks and appliances, and discoloration within the water.

Eastern Water and Health would like all well owners throughout the Treasure Coast to better understand treatment options available to get drinking water up to par and seeks to address commonly asked questions surrounding treatment systems such as what’s required of the homeowner to maintain a system.

Filter Changes – Well Water Contains SedimentSediment can destroy a water treatment system. All well water treatment systems should have a dedicated sediment filter housing attached to the wall. This filter removes any sediment being pumped out of the well. These filters should be checked and changed monthly. This can be done by the homeowner or Eastern Water and Health can maintain your system for you each month.

Adding Salt to the Brine Tank – Salt is Required in the Brine TankSalt is used by the system to create an ion exchange process. The brine tank should always have salt in it. Well, water systems typically require between 2 and 3 bags of salt per month, depending on how much water is used in the household. The more individuals within a home, the more salt will be used by the system. When purchasing salt for a system, Eastern Water and Health recommends using salt CRYSTALS, not salt pellets. These can be found in many home supply stores throughout the area or Eastern Water and Health offers a monthly salt delivery service.

Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to a Hydrogen Injection System – Hydrogen Peroxide- 7%Hydrogen peroxide works faster than chlorine with no chemical residue or byproducts. This treatment option does not affect the taste of the water and minimizes bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, iron, and tannic acid, allowing the treatment system to work more efficiently to give clients cleaner healthier well water. When purchasing hydrogen peroxide, only add 7% hydrogen peroxide. This can be purchased through Amazon or Eastern Water and Health offers monthly hydrogen peroxide delivery.

System Rebeds – Required MaintenanceJust like vehicles need new brake pads and tires, any water treatment system requires maintenance to keep it running correctly. The carbon tank requires annual maintenance, and the softeners should be serviced every 5-7 years.

Eastern Water and Health is a trusted name throughout the Treasure Coast and wants residents to understand that reliable water treatment services can improve the quality of water entering any home or business. With system ownership, maintenance ensures system performance and longevity. For any questions or concerns about well water and local treatment options, feel free to reach out to Eastern Water and Health.

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