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Partnering with law enforcement agencies across Indiana, RippleWorx introduces a comprehensive officer readiness, communication, and performance platform.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, USA, March 11, 2024 / — The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association (ISA), leveraging a notable $500,000 grant from the Criminal Justice Institute, is setting a new benchmark in law enforcement wellness with the launch of a comprehensive initiative powered by RippleWorx. This collaborative endeavor, named MAGNUSWorx, is supported by the technology and people science insights of RippleWorx and the academic prowess of the National Command and Staff College, marking a significant milestone in supporting the well-being and performance readiness of Indiana’s sheriffs’ personnel.

At the core of this initiative is the RippleWorx platform, which has been chosen for its robust, evidence-based approach to enhancing officer wellness and communication. The program’s introduction at the ISA Winter Conference was met with enthusiasm, demonstrated by the proactive engagement of 38% of Indiana’s sheriffs, who are ready to integrate this solution.

“This grant represents a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of law enforcement officers across the state,” said Steve Luce, Executive Director of ISA. “With the expertise of Dr. Springer, Dr. Javidi, Dr. Zak, and the technological innovation provided by RippleWorx, we are poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who protect and serve our communities.”

Under Steve Luce’s visionary leadership, this initiative brings together for the first time an elite, distinguished team of subject matter experts which include Dr. Shauna Springer, an authority on psychological trauma; Dr. Mitch Javidi of the National Command and Staff College; and Dr. Paul Zak, a pioneer in applying immersion technology for emotional well-being. Together, they are at the helm of developing the MAGNUSWorx solution’s content, equipping law enforcement personnel with tools and resources that resonate with their experiences and challenges.

“We are grateful for the trust and support of the Criminal Justice Institute,” remarked Jeff Kingsfield, Chief Strategy Officer at RippleWorx. “This initiative represents a unique collaboration of technology, psychology, and law enforcement expertise aimed at creating a resilient and thriving workforce.”

The partnership aspires to transform the conventional landscape of officer wellness, providing a model that can inspire and be replicated beyond Indiana. As the rollout commences, participating departments will gain access to a suite of resources tailored to the law enforcement context. The ISA, supported by its partners RippleWorx and the National Command and Staff College, is eager to witness and contribute to the positive impacts this initiative promises for Indiana and hopes it will serve as a beacon for similar endeavors nationwide.

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About the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association (ISA):

The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association is dedicated to advocating for law enforcement professionals. Providing resources to enhance public safety and professional development. For more information, visit:

About RippleWorx:

RippleWorx is a pioneering technology platform that transforms frontline workforce performance with its AI-driven analytics and innovative RPX5 methodology. Tailored to enhance workforce efficiency, engagement, and well-being, the platform addresses both individual and organizational factors, converting complex data into actionable insights and targeted interventions. For more information, visit:

About the National Command and Staff College (NCSC):

Since its inception by Dr. Mitch Javidi in 2010, the National Command and Staff College has delivered over 11 million hours of transformative educational training to law enforcement, military, and emergency first responders. Renowned for its high satisfaction and recommendation rates, the NCSC is a powerhouse of knowledge and innovation. For more information, visit:

About MAGNUSWorx:

Developed in partnership between RippleWorx and the NCSC, MAGNUSWorx is a first of its kind wellness solution proven to improve public safety readiness by enhancing connections within law enforcement through a user-friendly, app-based technology platform. It leverages the wisdom of over 125 experts to provide evidence-based training, strengthening department cohesion while reducing attrition. For more information, visit:

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