Administrative and Operations Apps For Smarter Mobile Policing

See you at CACP IT Summit 2024 – Exhibit 37

Experience some of the world’s most advanced Android and iOS smartphone apps for mobile law enforcement in the cloud or on-premise. Also discuss AI pilots & DeX

We’ll be showing our newest cloud-based solutions, as well as remote smartphone e-Scheduling with our OSL products and e-Notes with EPNB.”

— Gary Bauer — CEO

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, February 23, 2024 / —Mobile InnovationsCEO Gary Bauer today announced this company’s participation as an exhibitor at the upcoming CACP Information and Technology Summit to be held February 26 to 28 at the Fairmont Vancouver.

The Mobile Innovations demo team will be on hand alongside senior company executives to demo Mobile Innovations’ many new solutions for mobile policing using iOS and Android smartphones as the field officer’s go-to device for more effective law enforcement.

“We’ll be showing our newest cloud-based solutions, as well as remote smartphone e-scheduling with our OSL products and iPatrol EPNB with e-Notes and forms.” Says Mr. Bauer. “We’ve also scheduled a couple of meetings at our booth to discuss our AI pilots and cloud-adoption strategies we’ve used for some of our more forward-looking agencies.”

At this year’s CACP IT Summit, Mobile Innovations’ exhibit will be adjacent to their partner company D&R Electronics’ setup, where OSL, EPNB and other iPatrol apps will be running D&R Electronics’ Dovetail in-vehicle mount for Samsung DeX.

Mobile Innovations Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Niagara Falls and offices in Ottawa Ontario, and Buffalo New York. Our branded products include WalkTab for tracking smartphones, iPatrol for mobile RMS, CAD and DEMS and external law enforcement databases and more; EPNB electronic pocket notebook for photo, video, audio, sketch notes, and forms with timestamps and geotags; and OSL for officer e-scheduling and logistics using smartphone. We have deployed and support #connectedofficer solutions for more than 40 law enforcement agencies worldwide with mobile solutions for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

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