GenAI probably isn’t coming for your job anytime soon, but if you are the proponent or opponent of evidence in court, or a judge or a juror, you are likely in for a bumpy ride in the real near future,”

— Dr. Maura R. Grossman, Special Master, Principal, Maura Grossman Law

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, February 26, 2024 / — The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), leading the way for global best practices in eDiscovery, will host an interactive virtual workshop for the eDiscovery community to learn how they can make generative AI their greatest asset on March 19 from 12:30-1:30 PM EDT.

Moderated by EDRM’s Senior Director of Content and Community Initiatives and HaystackID’s Director of Content Marketing Mary Rechtoris Bennett, EDRM invites attendees to share their experiences using generative AI and any successful strategies they’d recommend to their industry peers to harness this technology’s potential.

“This workshop is intended to allow e-discovery pros from speakers to attendees to engage in a collaborative discussion. With generative AI, we’re all figuring out what this technology means for how we can uplevel what we do. The more we can share ideas, the better equipped we’ll all be to excel in our roles,” said Bennett.

The event’s speakers will include:

● John Brewer, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, HaystackID● David R. Cohen, Partner, Reed Smith● Dr. Maura R. Grossman, Principal, Maura Grossman Law● Mary Mack, Chief Legal Officer & CEO, EDRM● Kaylee Walstad, Chief Strategy Officer, EDRM

“Generative AI probably isn’t coming for your job anytime soon, but if you are the proponent or opponent of evidence in court, or a judge or a juror, you are likely in for a bumpy ride in the real near future,” said Grossman.

“Notwithstanding some significant flaws, generative AI is not going away and is only going to get better,” Cohen added. “This workshop promises to include a lively and interesting discussion about what tasks, formerly performed by human lawyers and other legal professionals, are likely to be overtaken by AI, both in the near term and in the longer term.”

During the one-hour workshop, industry leaders will share how they’re using or plan to use generative AI in their roles and explore this technology’s potential use cases, limitations and biases, and untapped potential.

“In the last year and a half, we’ve seen generative AI go through the peak of its hype phase. Through that evolution, exceptionally smart and talented people have worked hard to bring this technology’s strengths to users,” said Brewer. “In 2024, we’re starting to see the first real fruits of those serious efforts. I look forward to talking with David and Maura about how eDiscovery professionals can use these tools in their day-to-day work.”

“Everyone in our industry has generative AI on their minds and wonder what this technology means for their profession,” said Kaylee Walstad, Chief Strategy Officer, EDRM. “We see a tremendous amount of potential in eDiscovery leaders using generative AI to revolutinize what we do and how effectively we do it.”

To attend the workshop, please use this registration link to learn more. If you’d like to submit questions ahead of the discussion, please send an email to

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