MAT 4.0 introduces never-before-seen features based on telco experience. With focus on use cases, closed loop, intent-based networking & zero-touch operations.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2024 / — Iquall Networks is thrilled to announce an exclusive preview of MAT 4.0, the latest iteration of its flagship automation framework, at the MWC Barcelona 2024. This groundbreaking release marks a significant leap forward in network automation, showcasing unparalleled advancements in collaboration, usability, code sharing, and API-fication. Iquall Networks’ MAT 4.0 is engineered to accelerate the telecom industry’s journey towards fully autonomous networks, offering cutting-edge features and capabilities that set new standards in network orchestration and operation.

MAT 4.0 introduces an array of never-before-seen features based on extensive telco experience. With its focus on use cases, closed loop, intent-based networking, health checks, deployment & provisioning, and zero-touch operations, MAT 4.0 is poised to transform how networks are orchestrated and operated:

– New Governance Tools: New tools to generate a cooperative scheme under the pillars of DevOps that ensures a fast and continuous CI/CD without compromising the integrity of the network. MAT offer the capability to deploy to production more rapidly than before, incorporating sophisticated release control mechanisms. This achieves an optimal balance between decentralized innovation and precise control.

– AI/ML Powered Anomaly Detection & Forecasting: The AI/ML Powered Anomaly Detection & Forecasting feature introduces advanced algorithms into the MAT, aimed at predicting and identifying network anomalies before they impact service quality. Fully integrated into the MAT framework, these AI/ML capabilities are readily available for all use cases, democratizing AI/ML across the entire network and across all technical areas in a version-controlled manner.

– Closed Loop Manager is designed to streamline the design and operation of large-scale closed loop automations, ensuring ease of use and hassle-free operation. It provides centralized visibility of all Closed Loop Automations configured within MAT, facilitating efficient network management while ensuring traceability. Significantly, it can leverage triggers based on metrics and events, including those generated by MAT as well as those integrated from external OSS and BSS platforms.

– Lifecycle Manager: streamlines the management of network services from their inception to decommissioning, ensuring efficiency and agility throughout their lifecycle. By integrating with inventory systems, it grants MAT the ability to manage all Network Elements and their corresponding services effectively. This is achieved by leveraging discovery capabilities for configurations and topologies, and by integrating with existing inventories in a federated manner.

Iquall Networks invites industry professionals, partners, and media to an exclusive 15-minute preview session of MAT 4.0 at MWC Barcelona 2024. Secure your slot for this exclusive preview and for more information on MAT 4.0, please visit agenda availability is very limited.

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