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Storytelling with Chart using AI

New book explores the potential of AI in enhancing storytelling with charts for strategy consultants and business professionals

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, March 10, 2024 / — Business Model Hackers, the strategy consultancy firm behind the Business Model Hackathons®, announces the release of “Storytelling with ChartsUsing AI & ChatGPT” by Sam Schreim, a senior strategy consultant with over two decades of experience. The book offers a fresh perspective on utilizing AI tools to convey complex ideas with clarity and impact in data visualization and storytelling.

“Storytelling with Charts Using AI & ChatGPT” is designed to complement the original Storytelling with Charts (STC) book and toolkit by exploring how AI can enhance the implementation and deployment of STC principles. The book provides insights into how AI can transform each stage of the STC framework, from horizontal logic to vertical logic, guiding data analysis, visualization, and narrative creation.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we tell stories with data,” said Sam Schreim, author of the book. “By harnessing the power of AI, strategy consultants and business professionals can develop structured thinking, craft compelling headlines, and create personalized content that resonates with their audience.”

The book emphasizes the importance of having a solid foundation in STC principles for success and focuses on using AI as a tool to enhance STC skills rather than as a replacement for the STC book or toolkit.

“Storytelling with Charts Using AI & ChatGPT” is now available for purchase on Amazon at

About the Author:
Sam Schreim is a senior strategy consultant with over two decades of experience. His work has helped secure engagements worth half a billion US dollars for top consulting firms. He developed the Storytelling with Charts (STC) framework through an extensive process of trial and error.

About Business Model Hackers:
Business Model Hackers is a strategy consultancy firm that developed the Business Model Hackathons®, a unique approach to strategy development and innovation. The firm focuses on helping organizations create and implement innovative business models and strategies.

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