The book highlights the importance of organizations treating ECRM as a business enabler and conduit for competitive advantage.

UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — ECRM expert Bob Chaput releases “Enterprise Cyber Risk Management as a Value Creator” for entrepreneurs and business owners. The book recognizes the importance of Enterprise Cyber Risk Management (ECRM) and enables innovation by creating opportunities for sustained growth.

“Enterprise Cyber Risk Management as a Value Creator” covers the essential aspects of cyber risk management in today’s business world. It discusses the growing cyber threats and the need for adequate protection against them. Chaput provides practical strategies and best practices for safeguarding assets and sensitive information from cyberattacks and data breaches. The book also emphasizes how proficient cyber risk management contributes to overall value creation for individuals and organizations by enhancing resilience and business performance in the digital age.

“Companies with a strong security posture are more likely to retain existing customers and attract new ones, as they value their data protection. This customer trust and brand loyalty can increase revenue and market share for the organization,” said Bob Chaput.

Authored by renowned cyber risk management expert Bob Chaput, “Enterprise Cyber Risk Management as a Value Creator” provides a roadmap for the actions necessary to turn defensive thinking and processing into positive and value-creating actions and programs. Chaput lays out why executives should care about ECRM and imparts practical insights on effective implementation. Drawing from extensive experience, the author elucidates how companies can get a handle on this vital yet often misunderstood topic.

Key Themes Covered in “Enterprise Cyber Risk Management as a Value Creator”:
1. Shifting perspectives about cyber risk management
2. The legal and regulatory landscape
3. Integration of cyber risk management with business strategy
4. Practical guidance for advanced cyber threats

About the Author
Bob Chaput is a renowned cybersecurity expert with decades of experience. He has advised numerous organizations on cybersecurity strategies and is passionate about empowering businesses to leverage ECRM for competitive advantage.
As the author of “Stop the Cyber Bleeding,” Chaput has earned a reputation as a leading authority on enterprise cyber risk management, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity. Since founding Clearwater, Chaput has provided cybersecurity advice to Fortune 100 companies and numerous healthcare organizations. He is a faculty member at IANS Research and holds multiple certifications in risk management, privacy, and security.

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