Revenue Growth, Expanding Presence, Driving Innovation and Laying Foundation for the Future

NEW YORK, US, March 6, 2024 / — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, today reported that it posted another year of revenue growth in 2023 despite economic and geopolitical challenges, demonstrating growth and resilience in the face of challenges.

Snapshot of Progress: DataArt’s Milestones and Initiatives

The company’s commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and strategic partnerships has been instrumental in its success over the past year. Although at a slower pace than in prior years, DataArt continues the long-term track record of revenue growth, solidifies its market position, and expands its global footprint to 21 countries, with 31 physical development and operational centers worldwide, including recent additions in India and Mexico. Serving over 400 clients, DataArt maintains trust and satisfaction as a Partner for Progress. Recognizing the importance of compliance with industry standards and client expectations, DataArt has made substantial investments in enhancing internal cybersecurity capabilities, talent, and processes for solid protection.

Harnessing AI to Deliver Innovative Results and Solutions

DataArt announces significant achievements in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for transformative solutions. Through strategic partnerships like AWS ML FastStart and Prompt100, DataArt secures 13 new logos, with AI as the pivotal starting point. Notable milestones include the development of 40 Proof of Concepts, with more than 10 of these specifically tailored for clients, and introducing five AI accelerators and the cutting-edge AI framework, MIA DAMA. Additionally, DataArt has hosted over 20 webinars, fostering collaboration among clients and the global community while demonstrating a solid commitment to advancing technology through ongoing investment in Azure, GCP, and AWS ML competencies.

“In a year full of economic ups and downs, DataArt has stayed resilient despite macro-economic and geo-political challenges and widespread pull-back in the technology sector. Throughout 2023, we’ve built solid relationships with forward-thinking clients, invested in AI and Cloud innovation, and expanded our global footprint. Despite all the curveballs the market threw our way, we’re feeling positive about our strides to become trusted, innovative partners. Partners for Progress.” said Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt.

Strategic Expansion

The strategic expansions represent more than geographic growth; they are foundational steps toward embracing the opportunities of a more globalized and tech-driven world. The world where DataArt is the best fit for serving the world’s largest and most demanding customers wherever they are, no matter the scale or complexity of the task.

In 2023, DataArt broadened its international footprint by inaugurating a new office in:

• Bangalore, India, the world’s largest and best-known market for IT talent, which opened up an entirely new phase of scalability, skills and cost for DataArt; • Monterrey, Mexico – a step in building a more substantial near-shore presence for our US clients.

Preparing for the Future & Building on a Strong Foundation

The company’s investments in innovation, such as establishing R&D centers in emerging tech hubs, emphasize its commitment to staying at the edge of technological advancements.

“We recognize that the future belongs to those who adapt, experiment, and innovate. By expanding our presence globally and investing in new technologies, we prepare for the challenges ahead and lay the groundwork for future success. Moreover, as the early months of 2024 show, the revitalization within the IT sector is palpable. I’m pleased to share that DataArt has promptly leveraged this renewed momentum, securing new clientele and cultivating strategic alliances.” Miller added.

Innovation Initiatives

The reinforcement of DataArt Labs represents a critical development in the company’s pursuit of technological excellence. In 2023, the company saw a more robust vision for Labs, making them more available for clients. This initiative combines DataArt’s foremost experts across critical domains such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Data & Analytics, and Cloud & DevOps. These expert hubs are dedicated to accelerating project delivery, minimizing risks, and offering clients a platform for collaboration and creativity with domain experts without additional cost.

The company has launched ettyq, an in-house creative design agency with a clear mission: to enrich every customer interaction with standout design. Specializing in creating compelling aesthetic experiences, ettyq collaborates with industry leaders to deliver engaging and intuitive designs that turn visitors into loyal customers.

Commitment to Partnerships

Throughout 2023, DataArt has consistently identified and invested in partnerships with major platform providers that align with the company’s overall strategy and values. In the past year, DataArt has achieved new specializations with some of its key partners:

Microsoft•Three key Microsoft Solutions Partner designations for all three areas of Azure: Data & AI, Infrastructure, and Digital & App Innovation.•The company has broadened its service offerings to include Microsoft Azure migration and data analytics, pioneering generative AI solutions and robust security measures in tune with evolving market demands. We’re geared up to elevate your business in the digital age.

AWS•DataArt developed GenAI proof of concepts on AWS Bedrock while taking advantage of the Prompt100 funding program for generative AI initiatives launched by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their private equity team. •The company’s Database Migration Assessment, a fixed-time assessment and mobilization engagement with experienced migration experts, automated analysis tools, and actionable deliverables, is available on AWS Marketplace.

Google Cloud•DataArt has been recognized as a trusted tester for Google Cloud AI, gaining early access to new GCP products and services such as Vertex AI, Med-PaLM, Gemini, and more.•The company’s GCP expertise expanded to over 16 certifications, including Cloud Native Application Development, Google Cloud Analytics, Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring, Google Cloud Compute, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industrial Goods & Manufacturing, Retail & Wholesale, Streaming Data Analytics, and more.

Salesforce•In 2023, DataArt’s Salesforce team earned prestigious badges in the Healthcare and Finance sectors, enhanced their capabilities across Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Experience Cloud, and bagged additional certifications in CPQ, AppBuilder, and Process Automation. •With a Customer Satisfaction Score of 4.85 on AppExchange, DataArt delivers high-quality industry-leading Salesforce solutions.

DataArt also invested in new partnerships with innovative platforms such as Oro, KX, and

Finally, in a strategic diversification of its portfolio, DataArt has expanded its work in emerging sectors: Aviation, Insurance, and Education.

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