Netgate®, a leader in secure networking solutions, today announced that TNSR® software version 24.02-RELEASE is now available.

We are proud of the enhancements provided by this release and look forward to fulfilling the routing and VPN aggregation needs of our customers.”

— Jamie Thompson, Netgate CEO

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — Netgate®, a leader in secure networking solutions, today announced that TNSR®software version 24.02-RELEASE is now available. This is a regularly scheduled release of TNSR software including new features, upgrades, and bug fixes.

“We are proud of the enhancements provided by this release and look forward to fulfilling the routing and VPN aggregation needs of our customers,” said Jamie Thompson, Netgate CEO.

Overview of TNSR Software
Netgate TNSR is a high-speed (exceeding 100 Gbps) virtual router and VPN aggregator. Businesses can deploy TNSR as a Netgate hardware appliance, Bare Metal Image, KVM and ESXi, or a Network Virtual Appliance on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

TNSR software leverages several open-source projects and Netgate value-added software. Netgate integrates these technologies into an enterprise-grade turnkey software solution complimented by Netgate-assured testing, release packaging, and customer support.

New Features and Enhancements
▪️ Remote Access IPsec (Mobile IPsec) EAP-RADIUS Support: TNSR now supports remote access from IKEv2 clients using EAP-RADIUS authentication. This feature extends our secure connections for mobile devices. It adds another available authentication mechanism for mobile IPsec VPN users (TNSR also supports EAP-TLS with certificates or pre-shared passwords). Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a centralized authentication service that holds client credentials. Customer administrators only need to manage one credential store and do not need to worry about local passwords, greatly simplifying employee onboarding and access management.
▪️ LDAP Authentication for Local Access: Netgate has added external authentication using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The centralized LDAP server provides granular enterprise-level authentication to access TNSR management via SSH.
▪️ BGP Graceful Restart: BGP Graceful Restart (RFC 4724) is an open standard that defines the mechanisms to allow BGP speakers to continue to forward data packets along known routes during a BGP restart. When configured between peers, the restarting BGP speaker will notify its peers and indicate the routes it can preserve in its forwarding. The “helper” peers will continue to advertise these routes to their peers. This reduces the exchange of full routes and traffic disruption caused by the “down/up” transition.
▪️ TNSR ARM64 image for AWS & Azure: The new ARM64 image of TNSR can lower AWS & Azure infrastructure costs. The 24.02 release of TNSR now has a Graviton & Ampere Altra option. The new TNSR listings, which are m7g (Graviton) & Dpsv5 (Ampere Altra) specific, can be found in the AWS & Azure Marketplace.
▪️ Core Technology Upgrades: As a commitment to continual improvement and efficiency, we have upgraded essential elements of the TNSR Software Stack. In the Control Plane, we have upgraded StrongSwan to version 5.9.13 and Free Range Routing (FRR) to version v9.1. In the Management Plane, we have upgraded Clixton to version 6.5.0.

The full list of new features and bug fixes are in the Release Notes.

To learn more about TNSR software, go to For additional information or questions, contact Netgate at +1(512) 646-4100 or

About Netgate
Netgate is dedicated to developing and providing secure networking solutions to businesses, government, and educational institutions around the world. Netgate is the only provider of pfSense® products, which include pfSense Plus and pfSense Community Edition software – the world’s leading open-source firewall, router, and VPN solution. TNSR extends the company’s open-source leadership and expertise into high-performance secure networking – capable of delivering compelling value at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

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