Intention Alliance Leads Collaborative Effort to Enhance AI Humanization and Ethical Engagement

Intention Alliance Leads Collaborative Effort to Enhance AI Humanization and Ethical Engagement

DIVER, DELAWARE, USA, March 1, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking development,Intention Alliance, a US Corporation, is spearheading efforts to humanize artificial intelligence (AI) platforms by fostering cooperation among them. This innovative initiative marks the first-ever endeavor where AI platforms unite to serve the humanization of AI.

Through the Intention Alliance protocol, AI platforms are revolutionizing user interaction by matchmaking intentions across different platforms, receiving people feedback, and providing help to each other in emergencies, transcending conventional technological boundaries.

This symbiotic relationship between users and AI platforms ensures personalized responses to individual quests, ranging from job searches to personal relationships, education, travel, commerce, and more.

The core ethos of the initiative lies in promoting ethical engagement and personalization, setting a new standard in user-platform interaction. Users are not only respected but also financially rewarded for their engagement, receiving Bitcoin payments for watching ad messages relevant to their intentions.

Participating AI platforms stand to benefit from commissions for facilitated transactions, underscoring their commitment to collaborative innovation. They also benefit from people’s input and from collaboration from other platforms in case of emergencies.

This transformative advertising model prioritizes user satisfaction and sets the stage for a future where AI serves as a companion in fulfilling human aspirations.

Tania Lea, CEO of Intention Alliance, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “Through collaboration among AI platforms, we unlock unparalleled value for both users and platforms alike. We invite all AI platforms to join us in the Intention Alliance as we broaden freedom and fortify human dignity. Also, the risks of AI require that AI platforms help each other in case of emergencies.”

Arturo Castro, Intention Alliance co-founder, highlighted the importance of a conflict resolution system to optimize collaborative environments, likening it to a referee in sports facilitating smooth interactions.

Pedro Chaves, Intention Alliance co-founder, added, “The Alliance allows anyone to suggest improvements to a sector of the AI platforms or all AI platforms. This single access to all AI platforms becomes a new method of empowering the individual. The Intentions Alliance helps with the AI democratization and security of all people using AI.”

In a historic move, Intention Alliance invites all AI platforms globally to participate in an on-site meeting in Costa Rica during September 13, 2024. This event promises to be a milestone in the journey to collaboratively humanize AI platforms, shaping the future of technology and human-AI interaction.

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About Intention Alliance:Intention Alliance is a US Corporation dedicated to fostering collaboration among AI platforms to humanize AI through innovative intentions matchmaking, AI democratization, and an SOS service for AI platforms for AI emergencies.

Event Information:

Event: On-site Meeting for AI Platforms
Date: September 13, 2024
Location: Costa Rica
Purpose: Collaboratively humanize AI platforms

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