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CCMS & Associates uses ION to drive field claims quality and efficiency with technology, built by operators, for operators.

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DUNEDIN, FL, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2024 / — In a significant leap forward for the insurance industry,CCMS & Associates, a premier claims management service provider, has partnered with ION – Insight. Onsite. Now, an innovative field data collection application, to dramatically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of insurance inspections. This collaboration has led to a remarkable reduction in the time involved receiving your field data, decision-to-coverage time by over 70%, setting a new standard in claims processing speed and accuracy.

Utilizing ION’s innovative mobile app, CCMS & Associates has transformed the traditional inspection process into a streamlined, digital workflow. ION’s customized platform, known for its ability to deliver fast, consistent, and actionable data, enables focused guidance of the inspection process. This results in the collection of comprehensive and accurate information essential for making informed claims decisions.

The ION app’s capability to provide same-day decisions represents a groundbreaking improvement in the insurance claims speed to closure. ION uses API and or email to deliver the results of inspections within minutes of the completed site visit. By digitizing and organizing all collected data, including damage severity, location information, and labeled photos, the app ensures that CCMS & Associates’ claims handlers can access and interpret vital information effortlessly. The technology supports a more nuanced risk analysis, significantly accelerating the speed to underwriting decision and improving overall operational efficiency.

This partnership not only exemplifies CCMS & Associates’ commitment to innovation but also highlights the effectiveness of ION’s platform in redefining digitized field inspections. The adoption of ION technology by CCMS & Associates has led to unparalleled efficiency gains, benefiting both the insurer and policyholders through faster claims resolution and enhanced service quality. CCMS & Associates used ION during its initial hurricane event (large scale claim event) in Florida and was able to better the “management report” average from 12.2 to 5.1 days to completion.

As CCMS & Associates continues to leverage ION’s technology for its inspections, this collaboration is poised to set new benchmarks for the insurance sector, emphasizing the critical role of technology in enhancing customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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