E-commerce Platform DG1 Helped SMEs Double Sales In Just a Year

DG1’s AI e-commerce platform boosts Southeast Asia SME sales by offering a subscription-based, all-in-one platform with AI and marketing tools.

Ensuring SMEs keep pace with AI and tech is crucial. DG1 supports their growth in an AI-driven future, recognizing their key role in the economy.”

— Gregor Zebic, Founder and CEO @DG1.com

KUALA LUMPUR, WP KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, March 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — DG1, anAI-powered SaaS e-commerce platform, has been successfully operating in Malaysia for almost two years, aiding micro-SMEs in the country to double their sales revenue. One of the significant advantages of using DG1 is the elimination of commission fees for SMEs, who only need to pay a subscription fee of USD 59, which includes unlimited support and a range of valuable features.

The innovative AI technology integrated into the platform allows SMEs to effortlessly manage their websites without the need for any coding knowledge, streamlining the process and empowering business owners to take control of their online presence.

In addition to website management, SMEs can utilise the platform’s Marketing automation tools to build and nurture relationships with their customer base, enhancing engagement and driving sales growth.

As the platform continues to empower SMEs in SEA, its impact on the business landscape is evident, with success stories highlighting the tangible benefits experienced by those who have embraced this AI-powered e-commerce solution.

Investors, entrepreneurs, local communities, and customers alike are taking notice of the positive outcomes generated by DG1, positioning it as a game-changer in the SME e-commerce landscape.

With a strong record of helping businesses thrive and grow in just a brief period, DG1 stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI technology in driving sales, fostering customer relationships, and empowering SMEs to achieve remarkable growth.

DG1 Malaysia is proud to align with the region’s initiative to promote digital and AI literacy. As part of the commitment to advancing the regional digital economy, they actively support programmes and initiatives to enhance digital skills and knowledge among businesses and individuals.

As SMEs are now empowered with AI tools and resources, DG1 contributes to building a more digitally savvy workforce and fostering innovation in the regional business ecosystem. The e-business platform equips businesses with the necessary digital competencies and drives sustainable growth and competitiveness in the global marketplace, contributing to regional economic prosperity and resilience in the digital age.

About DG1 Malaysia
DG1 Malaysia, part of DG1 Group, was established in 2022. As Malaysia’s first AI-web e-commerce platform, the e-commerce platform sets on a mission to change the usability of online systems and enable digitalisation and AI transition through data ownership for SMEs. DG1 provides SME owners with a simple, quick, and functional e-commerce platform that gives them full access and ownership of customer data and enables future AI tools.

With more than 20 years of experience in custom digital growth systems and digital development and global presence, we are committed to capitalising on the ownership of customer data through advanced technologies, automation, and AI – all readily available as a single all-around solution for the SME market.

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